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Furniture Care

A solid wood table is visually stunning, yet, understanding the nature of wood will allow you to appreciate and enjoy your Heritage furniture even more! Furniture that has been created from solid wood has the capability of expanding and contracting when there are significant temperature and/or humidity changes. While many times this movement will be unnoticeable, this expansion or contraction can cause surface checks or even slight cracks, often in the knots of the wood. these are universal wood characteristics and will enhance the natural beauty of the piece and they do not affect the structural strength of the furniture. Though not a guaranteed result, you can minimize the possibility of movement occurring by keeping the room consistent in both temperature and humidity

Dust your furniture as often as needed but do not polish it more often than once a month. Many furniture polishes will cause a wax buildup or silicone film on your furniture. This type of wax and silicone buildup, if left alone, will cause the finish to soften and the wax and silicone will be almost impossible to remove without damaging the finish. To eliminate this problem, Heritage Amish Furniture, along with all of our craftsmen, recommend that you use the Guardsman Furniture Polish which does not contain either wax or silicone in its makeup.

Visit the Guardsman website for more information.