Heritage Amish Furniture
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3600 Dam Neck Rd | Virginia Beach, VA 23453

About Heritage

While many furniture retailers offer mass produced, assembly line furniture, it is our joy and privilege to provide for you furniture: crafted carefully and lovingly by the Amish, right here on our American soil.

The Amish lives are earmarked by Simplicity and a love of peace. Seemingly oblivious to the bustle and clamor of our fast paced, media driven world. Untouched by the usual fears and ambitions so common to 21'st century mankind. They care so little about wearing the same style of clothes, generation after generation. tilling the same land, with the same, slow, gentle methods taught them by their fathers. But they care… tremendously, about the quality of furniture they craft, working with patience and skill to bring you the heirlooms you will be proud to pass on to your children.

We have felt our lives enriched by finding among these skilled craftsmen, not only fine honest people, but friendships that we will treasure throughout our lives.

Heritage Amish Furniture was begun in 2002, a small family owned business, Born out of a passion for "Real" furniture. We find the very best craftsmen from among the Amish, and set up a few sets from each in our showroom. You will also be able to browse their catalogs which contain many more styles. Once you find a piece you want to live with, we will order it for you in your choice of wood and stain color.

We have been blessed with some of the nicest people on Earth as our customers. We feel truly privileged to learn to know you, and help you find the furniture you love to live with.

- The Yoders